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  • Customers may cancel their reservations at least 2 weeks (14 days) before their scheduled date and receive a full refund. We must receive the cancellation notice in writing.

  • If customers cancel their reservations within the 2 weeks (14 days) of their scheduled date, they will receive a refund minus a $125 deposit.

  • For cancellations made by Silicon Valley Bubble Soccer due to rain or weather concerns, unforeseen event due to safety, or referee availability, customers may reschedule for FREE anytime within 6 months, based on availability, or receive a full refund

  • There will be no refunds if you fail to show up to your event, and you forfeit the free rescheduling policy. 

  • Silicon Valley Bubble Soccer is not responsible nor will refund for any park fees, picnic tables reservation fees, and any other fees of cancelled bubble soccer activities due to inclement weather, city ordinances, or for any reason.  


We can not play or set up in the following conditions, at the sole discretion of Silicon Valley Bubble Soccer:

  • Rain or thunder/lightning

  • Temperatures under 50 degrees or over 95 degrees for outdoor events

  • Wind gust over 12mph - bubble suits will become a projectile object

  • Wet / Muddy fields or Wet Synthetic Turf

Customers may reschedule their rental at any time for FREE due to these weather concerns.​

  • For events forecasted with any chance of rain, bubble soccer will need to be rescheduled. Even with a small chance of rain, weather can significantly alter the safety of the activity.

  • If forecast shows cloudy but no chance of rain; however, it starts to rain prior to your event start time, your event will be cancelled and rescheduled at another date/time. SV Bubble Soccer reserves the right to make the final decision in weather-related cancellations.

  • For days that are windy (gust over 12 mph) will need to be rescheduled; nothing worse that these bubble suits becoming a projectile and rolling away to the streets, houses, cars, park goers, and body of water.

  • Bad weather is dynamic, so if you’re suspecting rain or high winds in the forecast during the rainy season, we highly recommend you contacting an indoor soccer field or rec centers ahead of time. If you're unable to find an indoor soccer field and will be rescheduling bubble soccer at another date, we encourage you to consider having an alternate backup venue for your guests' if the event date must go on.

  • It is the responsibility of our customers to check the weather forecast in advance heading to your scheduled event during the rainy season and adjust your event accordingly.


  • Rescheduling is FREE, based on availability

  • When rescheduling, we require an email from you, the customer, requesting to reschedule your event

  • Event could only be rescheduled twice (2x) from the time the event was originally scheduled and within 6 months from the original reservation date

  • There will be no refunds if you fail to show up on your event and you forfeit the free rescheduling policy

  • There is no rescheduling day-of event


  • We require at least 30 minutes of field access for setting up before your event start time and another 30 minutes field access after the rental time for breaking down of equipment

  • Therefore, when reserving an indoor/outdoor facility, please add an extra hour to your reservation

  • You, our customer, cover all costs for renting the indoor/outdoor facility

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